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How do I start with Teleswipe?

Download it for your Device iOs or Android App. Sign Up for Free or Upgrade it to the PRO Version with the Database.

How to Upgrade to PRO Version

You can just click to the Upgrade Button, then your will forward to the Upgrade Version. Step by Step.

How do I get access to the PhoneNumber Database?

After Sign Up to TeleSwipe during the iOs or Android App. You can Login with the Desktop Version our in your App.

How do Scan PhoneNumbers?

Later you have SignUp, the App will generate your QR PhoneNumber code. After Generated your QR Code your can Start other Devices OR PhoneNumber Codes. Like your Friends.

Experience QR Codes

Create & Scan QR PhoneNumber Code, instead to talk about Numbers.. It's Designed for you. No Full, No wired.

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Innovation meet Development

With TeleSwipe PRO, global infrastructure, and industry leading technologies, TeleSwipe gives you the platform solutions to Save your Phone Numbers.

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Included source Code & QR OpenSource

Start with our Sleek open Source Library.


TeleSwipe is 100% OpenSource and Free to modify and Customize your Own Source.

Source Code @ Github

Download the FREE Source Code Version for Free, Fork, Star and Create your own APP.

Create API

Create a API with the TeleSwipe API. Create your Own App with our API Source.

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"We want to bring more connections to People and they have also more fun to connect each other."

TS — TeleSwipe Team

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